A. Attenborough has been practicing Kinesiology
in South West London for over 30 years.

Kinesiology for vibrant natural health

Working with Kinesiology can help to open the door to vibrant natural health. A session aims to bring the muscles, organs and acupuncture meridians back into a harmonious state through a series of steps. These steps include working with acupressure, muscular imbalances, life problems, emotional states, food and nutrition problems and even deep psychic questions in order to give the help needed.

The Body

Kinesiology, through muscle feedback, helps bring about a healthy awareness of the body. It can seek out and find root causes of underlying worries, pains and problems and it can show the way to relieve such conditions. It also gives valuable means to help such problems as indigestion, skin conditions, general immunity, circulation and breathing functions.

Well Being

Kinesiology can show the way to a more relaxed state, whereby one feels more at ease with oneself, whatever is going on in life. It can show how to relate to and bear with anxiety, overwhelm, compulsions, stress and various other mental emotional states. There are also various ways to help relieve learning problems and release linked tensions.

Fullfilling Goals

Kinesiology can help find out what stands in the way of the fulfillment of ones goals. Becoming more open to the energy, confidence and wit to get there. It can lead to a balanced self-confidence, trust and courage to move on in a positive and hopeful way.


"Anthony has changed my life on so many levels through kinesiology. It has assisted me clearing many issues with my family, improved my symptoms of dyslexia and progressed my career. It's a very unique way of shifting challenges that arise in my life, without his wisdom and attention to detail I don't think I would be the happy person I am today."
C. Johnson, London

Working with Anthony is always a joy. There is often much laughing with his great sense of humour and he also brings a gentleness to work through even the most painful of issues. Anthony uses his great skill to allow more clarity, freedom and flow and always manages to get to the bottom of the problem . Thank you, Anthony.
Hazel Miller, Bristol

I have been seeing Anthony for help on a complex set of conditions that many experienced practitioners have been unable to help me with. Anthony has not just helped me – and considerably so – but has explained the origin and nature of what I have been up against in the clearest possible language. In my experience, even some of the best practitioners do not always readily explain their take on one's problems or the possible solutions. But Anthony does and that along with his extraordinary range of skills and knowledge, means that anybody seeing him is in very gifted hands.
Matt B, London

Anthony trained as an artist but is also an artistic kinesiologist. Someone I know calls him Merlin. Certainly he has done some amazing work on me for which I am so grateful. Anthony has helped me – and others I know - over the last 22 years with countless issues and problems, both physical and mental. He has a knack of discovering aspects of one’s behaviour and past that are generating problems. I invariably leave Anthony feeling so much better. I used to travel 200 miles to see him every month for more than 10 years. That tells you something.
Stuart Walters

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